February 16, 2024 


For fans of ska and rocksteady., who grew up listening to the acts of the 1990's this particular band cannot have escaped you!
INTENSIFIED has penned classics such as Dirty Harry, Fat Cat, Morality Panic, Moskito and Dynamite and with a handful of albums also to their claim, they stand as one of the UK’s longest serving original ska bands.

Their first studio offering in 13 years will be this magnificent single – SKA CAMPBELL b/w HAMSTERDAM – a typical sweet and melodic INTENSIFIED to-be classic + an infectious instrumental. Both songs are exclusively on this 7” and will also serve as a lead up to the band’s 6th studio album due out later this year.

As per recent tradition we will release this 7" in 5 different sleeve designs and 5 different vinyl colours! So stay tuned! 

Release date is 5TH OF APRIL 2024 - pre-order up early March!


July 31, 2023 


We're very excited to follow up instantly on this year's release of TYRONE TURTLE & THE STEADY ROCKERS 12" EP in shape of what can practically be coined a solo release! TYRONE TURTLE went to Argentina and assembled a killer crew of legendary Argentinian musicians and produced a double A-sides single cunningly names "Tyrone Turtle Goes to Argentina"!

 The two tracks on the 7" are "Only You" and "Rio" - respectively a rocksteady cover version of the old 1980's classic written by Vince Clarke and a fantastic ska original! 

In true TIGHTEN UP! 7" series fashion we've made three different designs - the HORACE PANTER original has been remade in Argentinian blue-in-blue this time and the two other versions have been designed by Danish artist MILLA JENS and DIEGO SANCHEZ himself!

he limited 7"s will be released Sep 1 and pre-orders will start Aug 1

June 1, 2023 

Our first Danish release in 8 years!

We're thrilled to announce the release of the 3rd album from alt/rock act THE AWESOME WELLES - the seminal "Secular Age" which was released digitally in February of this year.

With a distinctive fondness for analogue and acoustic instruments and a simple, hard-hitting, hand-played approach, the darkmen – both on album format as well as live – were predicted a bright future among the innovators of rock music at home and abroad. On "Secular Age", The Awesome Welles cut to the bone, but at the same time add new nuances to their well-known and timeless universe. The 10 songs are refreshingly free of the trends and dogmatics of now. The primal, monstrous and smoldering chaos alternates with an unprecedented, surrendering and subdued calm in a soundscape – often beautiful and hopeful, sometimes dark – where Danish-Canadian theologian and lead singer Adam Allen, takes the lyrics to a place rarely visited.

The limited edition LP will be released Aug 11. At a special price pre-orders will start June 1 and end Aug 1!

January 23, 2023 

Our very first TIGHTEN UP 12” EP containing 7 blistering tracks from a young Brazilian act, TYRONE TURTLE & THE STEADY ROCKERS!

The ambitious 6-piece spent the year of 2021 releasing six singles and claiming a name for themselves. Six very different tunes ranging from the storming instrumental ska-track “Franco Nero” to the captivating love song “In Your Eyes” and onwards to the happy-go-lucky “Drunk & Dancing” as well as the amazing Anka-cover of “Diana” make the Brazilians stand out.

The band plays an authentic blend of ska and rocksteady with hints of reggae. However, they mix in a variety of styles and instruments; something that is on beautiful display in the song “Minha” with its samba-infused feel and Brazilian instrumentation. This can also be said of the EPs final song, the downbeat “Cotton Field” – a song about love, pain, faith, and hope.

The EP will be released April 1st and pre-order will start shortly!

April 25, 2021 


We are super excited to finally announce that London Town's very own BUSTER SHUFFLE will be behind the next release on SCREAMING RECORDS!

This 6thTIGHTEN UP! 7" single will hold 2 massive tunes by the inventive ska band; the A-side is a poppy, chirpy scorcher entitled "Sucker Punch Blues" while the B-side is a down-tempo and eerie offering entitled "Snakes"!

As with our last 2 releases we have decided to make 5 different artwork versions - and this time it really makes even more sense as these 2 tunes display the current state of affairs in the UK as a result of both Brexit and Covid-19!

The single will be available for pre-order APRIL 30 and in shops on MAY 28!

May 17, 2019 


This is one of those rare moments - one of these surreal days when we announce that we are releasing original material by one of our all-time favourite bands...THE SLACKERS!

But despite how surreal it may be it is very much what is happening, so to say that we are excited is an understatement!

We have been very keen on following up promptly on the great success of our 4th TIGHTEN UP release; the 7" EP by THE TOASTERS, so we're very happy that THE SLACKERS jumped to it when we asked them!
The single is called "The Way of a Woman" and shortly we will reveal the B-side as well as the various editions we are preparing!