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Possibly the worst label idea in recent times – initiating a new record label to release a 10” vinyl containing 8 Danish underground bands, all covering the same song. The original song being covered is even unknown to add further to poor judgment…
However, it has been important for us, as a newly started vinyl-only label, to position ourselves from the beginning. To do the unexpected, bring the danger and power back in a stagnant industry while maintaining a soaring level of quality. That was and is our original statement! So where to go from there?

Well, we very much hope to keep a frequent stream of releases in the year 2010 and with all possible vinyl formats. 7” releases are in the planning as well as a 12” EP and a couple of full lengths. News on releases will of course be posted in the news section.

But here a little F.A.Q. section – some questions are asked by real people and others asked by ourselves to get to know our own visions a little bit better:

1. What kind of music does SCREAMING RECORDS release?
First and foremost, SCREAMING RECORDS is a music label (DOH!). Important, actually, as we’re not bound up on ANY specific genres. Our label will represent a large variety of our own personal tastes that include everything from metal, punk, alternative, hip hop and hardcore. We’re only looking for edge, frustration, dedication, innovation, creativity and quality and the rest is secondary.

The song “What Happened?” by H2O sums up a lot about where we’re coming from and where we are today. In the song there is a line that reads “What Happened To The Reason For Screaming” and it stuck immediately. It’s spot on.

3. How can I help SCREAMING RECORDS?
Many people ask us what they can do (besides buying records!) to help support SCREAMING RECORDS. If you fit into that category, here's what you can do:

- Tell your friends about our bands and their music
- Email links to our site to your friends who might not be familiar with SCREAMING RECORDS
- Go see our bands play when they're on tour
- Tell your local record shop about our records and to order them
- If you write for a magazine or do your own fanzine, interview our bands and review our records!

4. How does a band submit a demo to SCREAMING RECORDS for consideration?
We will check out every submission of music we receive. If we are interested in your music, WE will definitely be in contact with you. Assume we received your package if it has not been returned to you in the mail. ONLY SEND your music BY MAIL - we do not listen to music on the web or via sound files. Again, DO NOT SEND MP3s. Please WRITE YOUR BAND's NAME ON THE CD itself. And PLEASE bare in mind we ONLY release vinyl and ONLY limited pressings.

5. I run a retail store, distro or sell records at shows. How do I order directly from SCREAMING RECORDS?
For all orders and inquiries please contact whathappenedtothereasonfor[at]

6. Will SCREAMING RECORDS ever release a CD?
No. Are you drunk?

7. Is SCREAMING RECORDS a Straight Edge label?
No, we’re not. However, we do not condone alcohol or drugs and consider it being the cause of the decline of Western civilization! Everyone has their own thing and it’s all about the P.M.A.

8. Can I get in contact with your designer El Serñor de la Noroeste?
No. He/she/it has chosen a life in complete solitude and kindly asked us NOT to include this in the F.A.Q. section.

9. Who are your favourite bands?
NUMEROUS. The list would have to include Entombed, The Cure, Hatebreed, Ramones, Misfits, Built To Spill, Cock Sparrer, Sick Of It All, Ignite, The Peacocks, I Am Bones, Disfear, Death Breath, etc. Forgot anyone? Yes, countless.

10. I'd like to interview one of the SCREAMING RECORDS bands for my webzine/fanzine/etc..., how do I get in touch with them?
There should be contact info for all of our bands on their own official websites, so please check there.

11. Would you consider releasing material digitally?

12. Are you sure?
Why yes.


"Ska Jerk" 7" EP
out Nov 23rd 2018

"Grand Cru " 12" EP
out March 9th 2015

"DOXY" 12" EP
out October 13th 2014

"Any Port in a Storm" 7"
out May 16th 2014

"Sakrilegium" 2xLP
out January 30th 2014

"Run-Around / Gotta Go" 7" out December 13th

"Muscle Ska / Civilization" 7"
out August 15th 2013

"Cape Zero" LP
out August 30th 2013

(Green Edition)
7" EP out May 3rd 2013

"Prestige Paranoia Persona Vol. 2" LP
(Regular Edition)
out November 5th 2012

The 20belows
"For Better Days & Late Nights"
(2 x vinyl. Ultra Limited Edition)
12" out May 24th 2012

The 20belows
"Late Nights"
(Regular Edition)
12" out April 26th 2012

The 20belows
"For Better Days "
(Regular edition)
12" out April 26th 2012

The Turbo A.C.'s
"Black Lipstick"
(regular edition)
7" out Nov 25th 2011

Deer Bear
"The Other Side"
(regular edition)
12" EP out Sep 26th '11

Gustav Foss
"Give A F***"
12" EP out Feb. 26th '11

The Hitchcocks

"Blood Will Follow"
12" vinyl out June 2010

Various Artists
10" vinyl out Sep. 2009

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